Sunday, 8 July 2012

A collection of where we have been and what we have seen in the last few days

Unfortunately whilst trying to upload the last of our pictures which I painstakingly numbered in order, the computer decided to add them in a complete muddle!!  Bloody computers!!

Any way here is where we went in the correct order:

Pic Du Midi
Millau Viaduc
San Sebastian

I will put under each photo where they are and you will have some idea of which ones we did first.

Pic Du Midi on arrival

Castres shopping streets

Castres lunch in the square Croq Monsieur and Quiche Lorraine 

Millau Viaduc
 Millau Viaduc
Millau Viaduc 
 This was our favourite waterding hole in San Sebastian, it used to be a bull ring years ago, above each french window is a number as this is where all the seats used to be.

View from Pic Du Midi
Bridge at San Sebastian looking towards the Boulevard 
 Fish Tapas
 Black pudding with Goats cheese with apple, black pudding with pistachio crust
Sea Urchin (very rich) and black pudding in tortilla with quails egg
 Pork and beef stuffed batter ball with lovely tomato sauce, deep fried black pudding in filo pastry.
 Chorizo wrapped in Iberia jamon, artichokeds with jamon lardons, anchovy pate (very salty)
 Artwork at the Guggenheim at Bilbao

 Guggenheim at Bilbau, we went in but were not impressed with the art, but the building is the best piece of artwork.
 Puppy Westy, (wrong way around)
 Our ship home, as you can see the weather was glorious and this morning when we got up, but now that we are nearer home it is foggy and bleak!!
 Pic Du Midi Sunset
 Les Miserable!!!  I dont want to go home
 Sunrise at Pic Du Midi
 Sunrise at Pic Du Midi
 Moonset at Pic Du Midi
Whilst up there we saw Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter and Venus
 Our hotel at Castres
 Castres night market which happens once a year and is on all night, it was wonderful
Castres river

Friday, 29 June 2012

Here we are again

Sorry we have been absent for a few days but we have just had the most wonderful time and been too shattered at night to do the blog, but here is our latest catch up for you.

The top 3 photos are of the most gorgeous village and Citadel we have ever seen, Ainsa where we stopped for Tapas.

The two photos above are of Beilsa another lovely quaint village.

Bob came prepared for the 40 degree heat!!!  He's not totally barking mad, he may need this when we go to Pic Du Midi, as it could be zero or below when we go up there!

The photo above is where we found our swimming pool in the river, we went back the next day and had it all to ourselves.

Every corner you turn there is another pretty village and another gorgeous range of mountains, we have been absolutely staggered at the views and breath taking gorges and passes.

A very happy Bob after an incredible journey, it took us all day to get here but was so worth it.

And here is our wonderful haven just in the hills above Limoux and thank goodness it was only about 24 degrees.  I had a swim in the 27 degree pool and then we settled down for a relaxing evening enjoying and lovely glass of wine and a beer from our very lovely host Tricia.

A very happy Ms et Mdme Lindfield

We found these gorgeous local tomatoes in the supermarket, why can we not buy them like this in the UK!!!

Le Diner, Jamon, Chorizo, Spanish and French Cheese, local french bread and tomato and cucumber.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Yesterday we visited Pamplona a lovely city with lots of lovely character.


We had lunch in the central square, again it was about 37 degrees!! Even the locals are complaining about the heat.

All the old fellas were out sitting in the shade putting the world to rights.

Pamplona is famous for it's bull run, but I didnt want to see it, the photos everywhere were bad enough.  Poor taunted bulls.

This monument to the bull run is beautifully made and captures the atmosphere and moment very well.

Below is a huge bull we saw on a hill on the side of the motorway.

Pamplona Cathedral, not only is it a wonderful building, it was gorgeously cool inside too.

Keystone Cops

All around the city people have these bulls on their balconies.

This is the Bull Ring, it is the oldest reinforced concrete building in Spain.
Unfortunately not open though.

Above are heads over one of the entrances to the cathedral

Lovely colourful apartments